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Here's the reason I started Tilted Trinket Designs...

So how did I end up here?

So as the story goes, I was in my final year of university, which makes me sound young (I'm 32) with all the frantic action you'd expect from lots of lectures, excessive exam prep, plentiful projects. More than you could shake a stick at (does anyone use that phrase anymore?) let me tell you. On top of all that, we had moved home and I worked a part-time gig, going from A to B via public transport (I had just passed my driving test but couldn't afford to run a car). 
In other words... I was swamped. So what did I do? I helped out my amazing friend who runs her amazing small business over at:
And by help out I mean it was the Christmas season and she had TWO stalls for 8 weeks on the crazy popular Manchester (UK) Christmas markets. 
Here's why I mention it... she started her business on Etsy in 2012, and she grew it into multiple platforms and ended up with several thriving face to face vendor situations, all while being a Doctor of anaesthetics! Incredible right?
For example, if she could make such a part-time venture into a proud success like that while having way more on her plate than I did, then there was nothing holding me back.
An obvious way to begin was to start on Etsy. I've always loved creating things and tinkering. I was that kid that loved Lego, K'nex and Mechano, making things just calmed me down and put me in a good mood. 
So how did I come to open a website? Simply put, I didn't want my customers to remember my store as "I got it on Etsy". Because the truth of the matter is, no matter how good your branding is, only dedicated Etsy shoppers will recall individual shop names.
In other words... I want to build a relationship, a store that people will remember and say when asked "I got it from Tilted Trinket Designs"
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