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Tilted Ambassador Program Launch

Hello Hello Hello,

I know what your thinking. "this is just a shameless attempt at plugging your stuff" 

And you wouldn't be right...but you wouldn't be wrong either.

Let me explain.

Marketing is...another language to me, I understand enough to get by, but throw me into the land of SEO, digital footprints, and other esoteric terms and acronyms and I start to get a bit overwhelmed. 

Add onto that the fact that you are told incessantly that you have to pay BIG BUCKS to do GREAT ADS by big corporations, conglomerates and massive platforms and you suddenly start to feel like chum in the water and the sharks are circling.

Intimidating right?

Now I don't know about you but I'd rather empower people to spread the word about what we do here and recruit "boots on the ground" so after a little digging came up with an affiliate marketing programme that I'm happy with, it lets me recruit as many people as I wish who want to share the word and get the message out there and pay them when they send interested parties my way. No arm twisting, no coercing just good old fashioned word of mouth. Because let's face it, the age of "influencers" is just this generations way of rebranding word of mouth marketing.

So in answer to that initial question, yes, I do want help plugging my stuff in a mutually beneficial relationship. Is it shameless? Absolutely not, I strive to be as authentic and down to earth as possible.

If your curiosity has been captured, simply follow this link for the ambassador program landing page:


Thanks for reading, stay safe!


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